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The Birdie Ditty

I adore my niece Katelyn.  Everyone calls her Birdie (at least most of the family).  Her friends just call her AWESOME!  Today is a special day.  It’s her twelfth birthday.  Since she’s in Indianapolis (Go Colts!) and I’m in Nashville, we don’t see each other but a couple of times a year.

Last summer, she was able to stay with my wife and me for a week.  It was a blast.  The opportunity for a repeat hasn’t panned out so far.  I’m still hoping though we might be able to change that before much longer.  We’ll see.  At any rate, I thought she deserved a Ditty on her birthday.  Happy Birthday Birdie!  I love you.

This here is a story ’bout Birdie
One look and you’ll see she’s real purty
The fun never ends
She’s got lots of friends
But stops short of being too flirty

Today she will celebrate ten
Plus two years on this earth and then
She’ll ask Uncle Jeff
If there’s a chance left
Of visiting Tennessee kin

He’ll say, “Come now. No hesitatin’!
I’m dying to see you niece Katelyn!
We’ll laugh and we’ll play
And spend ev’ry day
Just wonderin’ why we bothered waitin’

Cause years they can go by so fast
Let’s do all we can so they’ll last
Facebook me real soon
And we’ll make some room
Before all the best years have passed”

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The Travis Ditty

I write a lot of birthday ditties when the mood strikes.  It’s just something I enjoy and it seems to bring a smile to a person’s face most of the time.  My friend Travis celebrated a birthday recently.  When his birthday reminder popped up on my Facebook page, I thought I’d crank one out.

He’s a really bright guy and someone I’ve learned a great deal from.  So, why not.  I think he liked it.

There once was a young man named Travis
Whose friends all felt lucky to have his
Attention and time
His wife would opine
He grows on you like a bad habit

And now he looks on the past year
At all of the friends he holds dear
And to them he jests
“Stick me with the check?
S’bout time YOU sprang for the next beer!”


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The Shelley Ditty

So, my good friend Shelley Creech celebrated her birthday yesterday. And, just like 26 years ago when I waited until the day after her birthday to buy her a card, I’m posting this ditty a day late. Some things never change.

There once was a cool mom named Shelley
Who, like peanut butter and jelly,
Found the perfect fit
Their love wouldn’t quit
Except sometimes when he was smelly

Together they had themselves three
And with Joey added there seems
To be a good mix
And soon their four fifths
Will make a great basketball team

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The Doug Ditty

My friend Doug hosts a nationally syndicated morning radio show. He was sharing the very first Daily Ditties post with his co-host, Jaci, and their studio guest, Chris. “Well, first, I was like yeah. And then I was like, uh, no,” said Chris. “One word. Therapy,” responded Jaci. So, sitting in the car waiting on my pets at the vet, I wrote this little Ditty.

There once was a young girl named Jaci
Who Chris and Doug made very happy
The jokes they would tell
They told them so well
Their punch lines were always so snappy

Til one day when Doug made a pun
That brought on a laugh by no one
With darkness and doom
He sucked from the room
One hundred percent of the fun

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